Our Story

Creative Nook was born from the desire to create a company that would be in alignment with my leadership development consulting business allowing me to serve my corporate and non-corporate clients to create inspiring workspaces, at home and work. 

My passion is to provide accessories and wall décor that helps you create a space that inspires and reflects what’s important to you. Like me you may have found yourself spending more time at home because of the pandemic and that has led to rethinking how your space feels and looks. Or you may be returning to the office after working remotely for several months and want the space to reflect more of what’s important to you.

Inspirational quotes are a fav of mine and can do so much to create a space that will motivate and inspire you and those around you. Maybe you prefer to change your space seasonally to reflect the creative side of you, with our range of products we can help you do that too! Or are you trying to find the perfect journal or desk accessory to keep you or someone you know motivated?

Whether you are shopping for yourself or looking for a gift that will inspire or reflect the personality of who you are buying for Creative Nook is committed to your shopping experience. Please don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions or concerns. Email me at creativenookstore@gmail.com.

With gratitude,

Carol Heady

Owner of Creative Nook